God's Hair

Hair is just one of the issues where the Lord want us to use our brains and our free will to keep not to get rid of change for the looks or convenience.  When all children are born, normal and defected at birth, both girls and boys we have hair and nails in all same places.  Nails on both girls and boys we start cutting sometime within a couple of weeks but the hair grows for several months before we do anything.  As male teens grow hair more on certain places than female such as face.  It is not only just the face of male teens where the hair grows but males and female teens both grow hair certain other places where the hair were not there in their childhood such as under arms.  The Lord knows what he is doing he is the creator of entire creation.  If the lord the can give us short hair on our head at birth on both male and females and even shorter hair on the eyebrows and eye lashes he could’ve made hair them to stop growing at length easy to manage and wash.  For the people that respect and love his creation and want to live on the Lord fine line it is not hard to manage hair on the head or the face.  He gave the males the gift of bread but we see it as nuisance and trouble to keep and we get rid of it or alter the size to look better.  It is bit harder to manage longer hair on the face and on the head but it is not impossible.

Some people compare cutting of the hair with cutting of the nails.  This why the Lord gave us a brains to use not to fall into the ditches created the society.  Hair has other qualities that nails don’t such as they stop growing after they reach length desired by the Lord and Nails grow forever.  Hair also change color in the older ages but nails don’t.  Nail we need to cut for hygienic reasons for cleaning ourselves.  It is impossible for us to keep clean with long nail but hairs don’t interfere.

In the old days and Middle Ages whatever crime people committed, they would be punished based on eye for eye.  If you hurt or break some one else’s body the law at that time would punished you by providing you hurt in same manner or same body part.  What crime did our hair do to us that we cut it again and again year after year that we throw them out without realizing that we might be breaking our bond or will of the Lord that we should accepting with our free will.  If someone gave you a gift of a very old historical painting by a very famous world-renowned painter, we decide to make it look better by either cleaning with sandpaper or cutting or trimming the edges or change it by adding color to it.  Do you think the market would offer you same value for it as before you made changes?  Guess what this painting you hold in form your body and all the hair was created not by any the famous painter but by the creator of the worlds the Lord himself.

As side from treating hair being a gift to cherish and nourish, people spend endless amount of time and money to make themselves better and healthier by eating right foods and vitamins.  They fail to see how much energy their body wastes to re-grow hair we continually cut year after year.  Rather than learn how to manage it unchanged people always like the easy way out regardless of any sentimental values of the creator.  This is soft and easy test but also easy to fall into the ditches.  Regardless of what one does to their body or hair you can’t make yourself look better than the creator, if you think you are, are you better than the Lord in whose eye, not according to the creator the Lord.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beholder is the Lord himself.

There was a time in history, the beloved ones of the Lord when they stood strong gave up their lives and the lives of their families and kids to save the creation of the Lord.  When the rulers of that time forced people to either cut their hair or loose their heads.  They gave up their heads not their hair.  They didn’t care about disappointing their friends and relative but they didn’t want to fail in their test of will and be thrown from that fine line of Lord’s Order.