Pain and Suffering

Guru Nanak teaches us the pain and suffering is the medicine to get us to think about the Lord.   Without hurt or pain many of us with our free will don’t even thing about the Lord.  How much pain can man handle and hopefully learn?  Some times we can learn from even a little paper cut or other don’t if they stay sick for months or years.  Sometimes Lord makes us even crippled or blind or deaf we still don’t learn to give up our ego and give ourselves to the Lord.  We don’t give up the urge to stop changing his creation by always wanting ourselves better looking for other people.  We not only don’t care or even think about what Lord might think of our undying, unsatisfying urge to defeat his creation.

Many are always sick and suffering and crying for long periods.  They try many doctors and specialists and doctors try many different medicines and illness doesn’t go away, and they wonder and cry why this only happens to them.  The doctors not only don’t realize what is causing the sickness and they also feel helpless about the sickness.  They don’t realize there is a system made by the Lord.  Once we follow Gurumat we can change it only by Guru’s blessings but we can’t challenge the Lord.  We can accept it be unhappy and depressed cry about it.  Guru says this kind of illness is a medicine to bring that person closer to the Lord.  This doesn’t mean don’t take medicine or don’t see your doctor, if your problem or sickness is beyond doctors’ control, then only Lord name can help you.  Doctors would love to fix every problem or sickness.

If you don’t eat right your body can get sick and body has many ways to show you that you are sick and doctor can usually help and your spirit is not usually affected.  If you feed your mind wrong things, such as not the words of Lord that are ever true or believing in the pretend Gurus or idols or fortunetellers etc.  Your spirit will starve and get sick of contaminated words NOT of Lord by the people.  Usually your body will suffer and show it many different ways.  You and your doctors will go crazy and leaves them helpless.  The doctors will try to control this kind of sickness by giving you some mind control drug but this far from any cures and as soon as you stop taking the mind control medicine the problem will reoccur.  The medical doctors are usually not spiritual doctors.

The only way to get closer to the Lord is first give up all mystical or ritualistic believes or idols and relying on fake prophets or pretend Gurus.  Then surrender yourself body and soul to true Guru the lord.  Only then you will rid of your illness forever.  Lord works very mysterious and many ways and very fast to get you on his path. Many famous people hire bodyguards or some companies have very tight security system.  If the people behind the security system are thieves or the bodyguard start to beat up his own boss or start chopping the body parts of whom he suppose to protect.  Pray to the Lord to save us from those pretend Guru or the not so friendly bodyguards.  Lord will only help those who either helpless or have surrendered them self with mind, body and soul.

We the people are our own worse enemies. Who or what would protect our own helpless body from our own actions.  God gave us this human body to love and cherish and take care it including every hair on this body not to destroy.  People are too busy making themselves look better.  Denying Lord’s will means you are challenging the Lord that you can do better than him.  We can’t make can’t win.  We can defeat almost any of the outside enemies but we can’t defeat the enemies within or the enemies we are friends with.

How many people don’t know cigarettes drugs and alcohol is bad for health but do think people would be smart enough to stop.  Further even knowingly they drive drunk, knowingly they might injure or kill some else they still do it.  Who doesn’t know steeling or cheating is bad people still do it.   A criminal or a hijacker can only get away with it or run and hide for a while his until he meets his match or the Lord’s helper.  There are two sources you can’t run or hide from, one of is you yourself and the other The Lord and the Lord doesn’t need any witness and you can’t lie in front him.  If we can’t quit the things we know are bad for health and society how can we quit the things we don’t know are bad for us or society such as not living according to Lord’s will.  How can we see light in this darkness full of jungle.  Where every thing, every where, every direction we see the attraction that look good to this eyes or taste good to the mouth or music to the ears and everything is shown or sold by showing skin, even using innocent kids and not one word of Humble Lord.

God does wants us to use our brains, eyes, and ears to find and defeat the enemies within all us.  When you walk in a dark alley or place sometimes you run into things or walk into mud or pile of shit or trip over and fall we suffer and cry.  When you get into the light then realize what just happened.  If everyone in the world preaching that they have bigger or brighter flash light, if non of them has turned it on, can any of them see any in the darkness.  They are all teaching everyone in the darkness, nobody knows who is coming or going or which way they age going or where they are walking,  they may be walking on a pile of shit or eating garbage and telling others to do the same without realizing what they are doing and helping no one.  In some cases people purposely take advantage innocent unknowing people.  The world is almost like that now hungry crying because the entire world is suffering in darkness.  When you turn the light of the lord on you will immediately why the whole world is suffering.  Guru Nanak teaches that this a very long journey to the reach the lord and that in this jungle of darkness only the strong willed survive with only Lord’s blessing to see wrong and right.